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Make (some) knowledge with the musicians of "Délit de Cuivre"


Jean-Claude Bloch:

Trumpet player at the «Collège des cuivres de Suisse Romande» and also at the « Adlibitum » ensemble, conductor of several wind ensembles, composer and creator with endless ideas he can show with great artistic success. Wonderful trumpet and Alphorn player, often invited all over Switzerland and abroad. 


Serge Gros:  

After different international competitions and master classes, he performs in miscellaneous musical styles, from symphonic orchestras to modern contemporary music. In Switzerland, he has played with the ”Orchestre de la Suisse Romande” and the “Sinfonietta de Lausanne”. Conductor of a high-leveled wind ensemble, Serge Gros is also a teacher at the Conservatoire of Lausanne and in charge of the cantonal camp for young people from the Vaud canton that gathers around 150 pupils every year.


Tony Legett:

In England, he played with many baroque orchestras, such as the “English Baroque Solists”, directed by John Elliot Gardiner, “Age of enlightenment” and “Gabrieli consort”. He also played with many major orchestras, such as the “BBC Symphony”, “London Philarmonic”, “Hallé Orchestra” (Manchester).

In Switzerland, after playing for many years with orchestras such as “ Orchestre de chambre de Lausanne”, “Berner Sinfoniker” and “Zürich opera house”, Tony Leggett is now much more involved in different Latino and pop groups on trombone, percussion and bass guitar.


Zoran Kazakov:

In Macedonia, his native country, he was part of the National Philharmonic Orchestra. He gained experience also in the United States as a teacher assistant in  Kent State (Ohio).

In Switzerland, he has played regularly with the “Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne”, the “Sinfonietta de Lausanne” and the “Berner Sinfoniker”.


Eran Levi:

Renowned trombone and euphonium player, he led Master classes in Japan, Scandinavia and Israel. Soloist with the Philarmonic Orchestra of Israel, conducted by Zubin Metha, he used to be part of the Boston Pops Orchestra (Keith Lockhart) in the USA, the Göttingen  Symphony Orchestra and the Holdenburg Symphony Orchestra in Germany.


Florian Spirito:

Virtuoso in the percussion register, he is also at the head of a wind and drums ensemble in Switzerland. He plays with the “Nouvel Orchestre de Genève” and the “Orchestre Philharmonique Romand”. He also used to play with the “Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne” and the “Opera de Lausanne”.